Betfury is an online casino, that does not only give you the chance to win some extra money, as every casino does. But, Betfury also gives you the opportunity to earn a part of the daily dividends as well. To sign up, use the following link: Betfury

How can I earn daily Bitcoin from Betfury?

Betfury rewards you with, so called, BFG tokens when you wager a certain amount of bitcoin or TRX. These BFG tokens entitle you to a certain amount of the dividends that is released every day.

The dividends that get released every day are 3% of the total pool. This way your earnings will be consistent for a long time. At the moment, the dividend pool almost 70 bitcoin in it. And while releasing 3% every day, the pool is still growing every day.

How to earn BFG tokens?

You can earn 2 different BFG tokens. The BFG BTC and the BFG TRX. The difference between the two is how you earn them and the dividends you receive. The BTC version, earned by wagering BTC, will earn mostly BTC dividends. While the TRX version, earned by wagering TRX, will earn more of the other 3 currencies.

Of all daily dividends a certain percentage goes to all the BFG BTC holders and a certain amount goes to all the BFG TRX holders. In which amounts it is divided can be seen below:

BFG BTC — 90% BTC/10% TRX/ 10%USDT/ 10% BTT

BFG TRX — 10% BTC/90% TRX/ 90%USDT/ 90% BTT

In order to earn these BFG tokens you will have to wager either BTC or TRX. In my opinion, your best bet (see what I did there) is to go with BTC. BFG BTC gives you a higher dividend.

How much you have to wager for one token, depends on the current amount of mined tokens. In the picture below you can see how much it is at this time.

This might seem like a lot for only 1 BFG token, however you will get it for every wager and not a loss. Meaning that you can play games, such as dice, with a high chance of winning and this way you will not lose the BTC but will still get the BFG token.

Best way to mine tokens?

The best way to mine the tokens is through the game “dice”. By setting the game to roll under 95, you will have a 95% of winning. This will give you the opportunity to earn more tokens as the chance of losing you BTC is smaller. This way you can make more bets and thus mine more BFG.

How high you set your bets, depend on how much BTC you have and how fast you want the tokens. A smaller bet, might give you more bets and more BTC, however the mining process will be slower as well.

How much will I earn?

This will depend on how much you will invest. More BFG tokens will earn you more daily dividends of course. At the moment 100K BFG tokens will earn you approximatly 0.00078 BTC every day.

Now, I won’t say that you will get 100k BFG tokens in a day. But be smart about this and reinvest your daily dividends and your token amount will grow.

Free Bitcoin

Betfury also gives you free BTC every day. Well actually every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes you can redeem a free box, which will give you 25 satoshi every time. You can do this till you hit the maximum of 1800 a day.

You can then use these free BTC to earn BFG tokens and then earn a dividend every day.

This will be a slow process as you won’t earn a lot of dividends in the beginning. But if you don’t have a lot to start with, you could try this strategy.

Other Boxes

Besides the free box you get every 20 minutes, there is also the opportunity to earn interest on your BTC with other boxes.

These boxes give you a certain amount of interest on the amount needed to buy the box. By buying the box you deposit your BTC in the box and after the chosen period you will receive it back + the interest. This interest is actually pretty high and can earn you a nice amount of income.

Other benefits

With the betting strategy from above, you will eventually run out of bitcoin. This is not a problem as we want to mine as many BFG tokens as possible, so running out of BTC in inevitable. We will earn it back through dividends anyway.


However, there is also another way in which you get some of your losses back. And that is the cashback. Now, when you just created a new account, your cashback will only be 2%. But by wagering, which we do all the time, you will rank up and your cashback will increase. So what is the benefit of this cashback? Well, you will earn this cashback on all the losses you make. Meaning that we can then reuse to cashback funds to mine even more BFG tokens.

Daily Tasks

Betfury also gives you daily tasks you can complete. Completing those daily tasks awards you with some extra of the currency you completed the task with.


Every week Betfury also runs promotions. These promotions give you the opportunity to win BTC. This can be through wagering or by using the telegram chat. For all the information I would recommend checking the promotions page once you signed up!


This site has the opportunity to earn you a nice amount of passive income. With a big dividend pool it also has a bright future. Getting in now might settle you for a long time!

Sign up now and start earning. Starting early with compounding is the key to long-term success.

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